Water Stream Curatorial Outline

OPEN CALL for transdisciplinary public artworks on the theme WATER STREAM

TESLA Award opens up for international artists & creators from different fields in its second year!

TESLA Award, an initiative of MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art will this year be organized with partnership of Artbat Festival Almaty and with several international partners –Artecitya Network, Bellastock Paris and Todays Art.

We are looking for a public space artwork that responds to the theme Water Stream.

Water Stream as a central structural element underlying the urbanistic layout of Almaty. Water as a threat, but also as a structural and organisational agent in cities and human landscapes.

Water Stream as a main theme, for the “Artbat fest 2018”, seems also an open and fruitful topic for wide range of creators. As Water is the first vital resource, an element common and essential to all species, it brings questions from religion, geopolitics, energy, leisure & entertainment, science, spirituality. Furthermore, it can raise awareness of the audience about the cycles of matter.

Artbat Fest 9 is joining Artecitya‘s mission of improving life in cities through artistic and technological innovations, this Open call looks for artistic projects or ideas that incorporate water as a catalyst of economic / urbanistic / social change; water as a material; and reflecting on the connecting power of water in the social role of art.

We will be especially interested in ideas for public space interventions, performances and installations that underline the potential of water to connect and destroy, movements of water, water as a natural force and water as a social catalyst.

Martin Bricelj Baraga, MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art
Simon Jacquemin, Bellastock