Frequently Asked Questions




Why the name TESLA?
TESLA Award stands for Transdisciplinary Explorative Slovenian Art Award. TESLA Award tends to reflect the spirit behind creative work of one of the greatest innovators of the modern age, Nikola Tesla, who was born and raised in the remote area of the Balkans (Austro-Hungarian Empire, now Croatia). His approach of combining diverse principles and ideas as well as deep belief in progress for whole humanity are great inspiration for us.

In what sense is TESLA a different award?
TESLA does not seek for portfolios or completed bodies of work, but rather awards new ideas which are instead yet to be produced. In this regard TESLA Award acts as a motivator for realisation of great ideas that would otherwise be difficult to complete. By offering cash prize, travel costs, and production support TESLA aims to empower emerging creators on their way to professional career and to bring new ideas to light.

TESLA Award started as a Slovenian Award for Slovenian artist only, why the international format this year?
We were approached by many interesting artists, that they would love to apply. Moreover, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia has shown no interest in understanding the value of the TESLA Award initiative and we had to find other partnerships to keep the award active.

Can we apply as a group / collective?
Yes you can. The application, however covers trip for 1 person for implementation of the project in Almaty, Kazakhstan from Europe.

I have a great idea, but I am afraid I won’t be able to realise it alone.
This is why we are here. The aim of TESLA Award is to help emerging creators with research process and production of a new project. We will carefully review the proposed idea with you, help you overcome obstacles, discuss materials and technical needs as well as trying to be as supportive as we can. Therefore you will be able to realise your new work in the best possible way.

What is the TESLA budget?
TESLA offers a 4.000 EUR award for production costs & the artist fee. It provides travel cost from Europe to Almaty and accommodation in Almaty and a production budget to realise the project idea. The production budget is an essential part of the project proposal and will be discussed and optimised with the awardee after the selection. Daily allowance in Almaty is the expense of the awardee.

I’m a poet / woodcutter / cook. Can I apply? If your have a great idea for an art project and an artistic ambition you can apply. TESLA is not awarded for portfolios and merit.

I have already realised my project. If your project idea is a significant upgrade and development of your existing project, we might consider it for the award.